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Why We Are
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We manage the entire process on your behalf from gathering information until SARS have finalized the assessment.

Let Us Manage Your Tax Deadlines

Life is all about priorities. That said there are some things you should do yourself and some you should not.

What Makes Us Different?
Personal Service.
Delivered online.

Our clients are notified proactively via SMS and our cloud document management portal of deadlines and due dates stipulated by SARS.

We manage the entire process on your behalf from gathering information until SARS have finalized the assessment. We are a pro-active practice and you will not need to contact our offices for status updates.

You will have direct access to your tax practitioner who not only compiles, checks and submits your return to SARS, but is readily available to provide you with invaluable individual Tax Advice, gathered from years of experience and in depth insight into your taxes.

Unlike some firms our tax partner checks and files every tax return that is submitted to SARS. We pride ourselves on this principle as it helps us to understand our clients and we get to know them and their transactions from year to year.

We will provide you with a tax calculation and complete transcript of your return before we submit it to SARS.

Professional Accounting

Individual Tax Services

How our fees are calculated

We believe in simple, transparent billing. Individual clients are billed twice year.

At the start of the year clients are billed an admin fee (retainer) which covers all costs associated with the maintenance of the individual’s tax file. This includes:


On submission of the annual tax return clients are invoiced for the time taken to complete the return. This depends on the complexity of the return and the time the tax practitioner takes sourcing the information and compiling the return. Where there is extra work required, such as drafting income statements, or summarizing expenses we notify clients up-front.

There are no other fees or ad-hock costs charges during the year such as being billed for letters, faxes or telephone queries.

We offer a high quality of service to clients. As mentioned returns are completed and checked by senior, highly experienced, tax practitioners. Our focus is quality not quantity.