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We are all about Professional. Authentic. Innovation.

Founded in 2005, The South African Tax Company is a boutique firm offering tax, accounting and advisory services to individuals and small and medium enterprises. Our Head Office is located in Cape Town however our method of delivery is online via our state of the art cloud document management portal. Therefore it does not matter what your geographic location is. We are a passionate team of individuals. We love what we do and it is evident in all we do. Contact us via email or call our offices to discuss how we can help you.
To be a respected innovative leader in South African business accounting and tax consulting.
Through building a profitable and sustainable organisation, applying innovation and professional practices to all areas of our business, we lead by example.
We are committed to our professional code of conduct and company values, which are based on ethical practices. As qualified experts in our field, our role is to understand the South African market and governing legislation. By serving you and acting as an extension of your business, we simplify the obligation that individuals and businesses have in complying with complex legislative requirements and manage the process on your behalf. Our clients are central to our business, which is why we pride ourselves in building long term relationships with them.


Our Company Values

We treat all our clients, staff and peers with respect. We adhere to our professional code of conduct as set out by our professional bodies
We are Genuine, Real and Unique. We tell our clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.
We are industry leaders in delivering our solutions online
Long term working relationships are core to our success
We deliver on our promises
Future focused
Systematic forecasting of the future based on current trends
Perpetual Growth
We continually aim to enhance and refine our organisational processes and technology


Credible Advice from Experienced Experts

All tax staff involved in the preparation of tax returns are each individually qualified professionals and members of the South African Institute of Tax Professionals. They adhere to a professional code of conduct and are required to complete an annual CPD (Continuous Professional Development) program in order to practice.

Our tax practitioners have at leave 3 years relevant experience and are qualified tax technicians. Each client’s tax return is reviewed in detail by our tax partner before submission to SARS. Our senior tax staff are qualified General Tax Professionals and each have at a minimum of 7 years verifiable tax experience.