17 Oct 2017

SARS Drops the hammer on non-compliant taxpayers

The South African Revenue Service has issued a press release on 28 September relating to tax compliance.

To view the official statement click: http://www.sars.gov.za/Media/MediaReleases/Pages/28-September-2017—SARS-to-clamp-down-on-outstanding-tax-returns-and-debt-.aspx

It would seem that the revenue service is indicating a change in direction with regards to how it approaches compliance as a whole.

In the statement, SARS vow to increase criminal proceedings against tax offenders.

In short the revenue service states that their philosophy has always been that of education first, service and thereafter enforcement.  With that in mind they are taking note of increased non-compliance.

In light of the above it would be wise for taxpayers to take this opportunity to take stock of their tax compliance. Should an individual or company have outstanding tax returns or monies owing to SARS, now would be the time to attend to these matters. Taxpayers can call the SARS call centre with their tax number and ID number in order to determine their compliance status.  (0800007277)

The call centre officials are helpful and will be able to assist.

Alternatively if the idea of calling SARS seems too much to handle, you can contact our tax department and they will do the enquiries on your behalf. You can reach us on +27215267200.