08 Apr 2020

Hubdoc and Xero

The South African Tax Company is an online accounting firm. With that in mind we’re always keeping a keen eye on new developments in online accounting. Anything that can cut down clients frustration and saving time is worth looking at.

Hubdoc, by Xero is a game changer. Its an online document management service that integrates with Xero accounting.

Hubdoc allows you to upload your receipts, invoices and bank statements from your computer, smart phone app or email. Documents are stored securely in the cloud, automatically organised into folders.

The real power of hubdoc lies in its ability to “read” the source documents and categories using machine learning. The source documents are q’d into Xero ready for processing by your accountant.

All the business owner has to do is upload the document using the application online or via email.

The great news for small businesses is that you can set up user access control. Staff can be assigned to only upload documents. This means they. will not be able to see the bank statements and uploads from other users.

This is an extremely useful too for road warriors uploading “expense claims.”

We have been using Hubdoc for the past month and I must say that I am really impressed. Its simple and intuitive. However not over top with too much detail to scare users off.

The automatic bill service is not 100% operation in South Africa yet. There are some services that it connects to such as Microsoft Office365. This allows hubdoc to “fetch” the accounts online. As more suppliers come online this will improve over time. We were really impressed with the speed and ease of use on the app. Its worth a trial, at the very least.

Here’s how it works