Our Method of Delivery


We are proud to be the first South African Tax and accounting Firm to implement CDM, a 100% POPI compliant cloud document management system provided by GreatSoft.  In other words we operate, 100% online and almost completely paperless. We use technology to simplify engagement and reduce paperwork when engaging with our clients.

Whether you are an individual who requires their tax return completed, or a business with monthly bookkeeping needs, all information with our practice is exchanged via our cloud document solution.

From the start of our engagement clients have access to our cloud document management portal.

The Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013 promotes the protection of personal information by public and private bodies. In terms of this act there are strict regulations governing how your personal information may be stored, used and transmitted. Our CDM solution is 100% POPI compliant.

Simplified interaction

  Simplified Interaction from any location

  Access your client files, anywhere anytime

  Interact via file conversations

  Easily access your historical documents.

  No risk of losing files as they are stored in a secure cloud. Your client portal will be a single storage archive for all your tax and source files.

  Bank grade security

  Your tax clearances, SARS assessments and statements will be available to you immediately once issued without you needing to request them.

We are hands on professionals. We use technology to be more efficient and effective and not to replace people.

  Our cloud solution is hosted in state of the art, replicated data centers.

  The security of our client information is of utmost importance to us. Not even our technical staff can access your information, that is how secure it is!